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Curtains are important detail in the a room, be it in a bedroom, kitchen or living room. It should create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Because of this it is important to choose curtains and décor design that you like. When you decorate an interior it should create a certain mood. The curtains should also reflect the personality of the occupant.

Curtain designs depends entirely on a homeowners taste. There are many wonderful designs to cater for a wide range of tastes and preferences. Curtain Designs range from pinch pleat, swags and tails, blinds; waterfall, pelmets, etc. Designs also include different patterns and different ways to mount them on windows. Visit our Portfolio for some ideas on the different colours, patterns and mounting options available. With “descreations” you can turn your house into a pleasant and modern home.

Make your house your home!!


                                                         Constance Mugawazi  – Photo courtesy of Women & Home Magazine December 2011